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The Sense of Light

The sun it rises. I stand still. My eyes are closed Yet I can see its glow. The birds awaken with a familiar call. I can smell the dew coming off the leaves as they reach toward the sky. I … Continue reading

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Is It Over?

Is it over? Is it just the beginning? Another life. Another lesson learned. Should I rush? Should I take it in stride? Looking forward to what’s ahead. Looking back at what’s been done. The steps to move on. The quagmire … Continue reading

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The Heart of Poetry

What does it mean to have a heart like a poet? Does it mean that you are broken? Does it mean you only see life in black and white? All or nothing? Can there be a middle ground in a … Continue reading

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The Lengths I Go To Write A Story

A little over a year ago I began writing. It started out that way because I had an idea for a website. The idea was to link everything in life somehow to bacon. It sounded like a good gimmick. The … Continue reading

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I Walk – Part 1 of I Walk

I begin my journey with a walk. Along the journey towards the tracks to which belong to a train that has already passed long ago. I am able to get a couple of messages off before my battery dies on … Continue reading

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The Art Of Procrastination

Sorry, I procrastinated I open my eyes and I see that I am riding in the back of a car. I do not recognize whose car it is or how I got here. We arrive at our destination. I get … Continue reading

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Is your blog missing something? Pictures maybe.

There are over 100 million blogs. How do you get noticed with that type of competition? You may have some ideal content. It is original and you are able to update at least once a week. You look at your … Continue reading

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How To Become A Successful Author Through The Use Of Free Thinking.

Ok people I’m back. Today was a strange day. Did you read the last couple of posts? Really, that was some boring, grasping at straws type of rubbish. Way to be creative Mr. Blog Writer. Well, I did it because … Continue reading

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