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The Sense of Light

The sun it rises. I stand still. My eyes are closed Yet I can see its glow. The birds awaken with a familiar call. I can smell the dew coming off the leaves as they reach toward the sky. I … Continue reading

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Cold Winds Blown Out of Proportion

In the midst of my walk through the bitter cold, whose wind still penetrated my five layers of clothing, I mentally dictated my pondering. My thoughts and questions are recited for only me to hear. Now today is another day. … Continue reading

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The end is near.

The end is near. The end of my therapy that is. Group sessions that I had willfully participated in with the thought that they would cure what ailed me. Sadly they have not cured me but they did give me … Continue reading

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If you only knew

If you only knew what it was like to walk in my shoes. Maybe you would understand. These thoughts and feelings inside me are not things that can be controlled. They make me the way I am. For most of … Continue reading

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Pity me

Pity me Pity me for thinking Thinking things last forever The loving The caring Pity me for remembering Remembering when I first met you The wanting The hoping Pity me for believing Believing In your touch The words The trust … Continue reading

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To Hell and Back to The Blackness

Imagine, as I have, that you had died and was sentenced to wander the earth with no way to escape. Not even death was a permanent solution. I frequently thought to myself “Am I trapped in a dream. Hooked up … Continue reading

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Broken Reigns of Change

Take a look at what you have done. Are you any better today than you were yesterday? How long will it be before you see who you are? You could of had everything you desired. It was all within your … Continue reading

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