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What Does The Moon Look Like From The Other Side, The Side That Can’t Be Seen From Earth?

4th grade science but still interesting to me.

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How can I express myself with so many eyes upon me? Can I ever be me? Criticism is around every corner. Opinions thrown at me at random. I have nobody to impress. Let them say what they will. I will … Continue reading

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Chance or Fate?

Was it by chance or fate? That first encounter. You were always near but I had never known. So close yet so far away. Only to become closer with an embrace. Suddenly revealing everything to me. As if it were … Continue reading

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I am empty. All my thoughts have been released. There is nothing left it seems. My heart is gone. A void is in its place. As I’ve written my blood was spilled upon the pages of life. I may dream … Continue reading

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The Lengths I Go To Write A Story

A little over a year ago I began writing. It started out that way because I had an idea for a website. The idea was to link everything in life somehow to bacon. It sounded like a good gimmick. The … Continue reading

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Me, Myself and the Internet

Just the same thoughts going on in my mind…

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Along The Regents Canal . . . .

Originally posted on Life At 50mm:
Sunday 28th July 2013 (Click on any image to view fullscreen in Flickr) ¬† Today, as has been the norm on most of my weekend visits to London recently, the Northern line was closed¬†for…

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