What Does The Moon Look Like From The Other Side, The Side That Can’t Be Seen From Earth?

4th grade science but still interesting to me.

Book of Research

The moon like you’ve never seen it before

In a spectacular video montage the NASA scientific visualization studio shows you a view from about a hundred kilometers above the moon – at the far side, the side which is always turned away from us that is.

The Other Side of The Moon-2And so you see behind the moon, with the earth turning figure eights in the background.
You see that the far side of the moon also has moon phases (the familiar 29.5-day period, from the crescent moon to a full moon).
In the distance you will see the sun flashing by. A cosmic roller coaster, and a stunning look that no one ever saw.

The video is composed of altitude photos from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, a satellite orbiting around the moon since 2009. That the earth seems to be running figure eights in the background is because the moon wobbles a bit.
Seen from a fixed point above…

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