5 Content Creation Tactics (Great Article) via Heidi Cohen

The Business Side of Social Media


The key to generating high quality content on a consistent basis is to create a structure for your content offering.

With content creation, the goal is to have a lot of the heavy lifting finished before you ever sit down to start producing it. To this end, it’s useful to think like an old-fashioned magazine editor whose publication is based around editorial events, regular columns, and departments.

While at the heart of building an effective editorial calendar, this preparation is challenging when you are first starting out. To facilitate a smoother editorial process, it helps to plan in terms of two-week or four-week intervals (I call this the “CliffsNotes” Editorial Calendar).

Here are the five steps to rock star-caliber content creation:

1. Determine the major business events and holidays that structure your promotional calendar: Generally these occasions don’t change from year-to-year:

  • Incorporate these overarching themes, events (including conferences), and…

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