On the Road to Damascus

God does not exist. According to Jurgen Moltmann, anyway. And I must admit, I concur. Those four words do a lot to explain who God is, and who he is not.

Before I get into this too deeply, let me talk a bit about Moltmann. He is a theologian who is most well known for developing the Theology of Hope in the 1960s. His teachings helped to usher Christianity into the Twentieth Century. When most of the world was turning away from God in favor of going their own way, Moltmann gave us new perspectives that still define Christianity today. These perspectives mostly have to do with the eschatological concept that the end of time is already set. This certain future is pulling the present toward it, as opposed to the future being subject to the events of the past and present.

In order to understand the importance of the Theology…

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