Reconstructing Again

Life seems to be full of reconstruction…

little things that mean a lot

Well….it’s been the longest time since I have blogged here, roughly around 4 years at-least. However despite the length of such time I can’t seem to find reason for not writing here. Maybe in certain context I was too lazy to write or was too preoccupied with various transitional phases that occurred during these years. I guess it was a mixture of both however broadly speaking there was so much going on be it significant or insignificant that I didn’t actually delve much thought into penning thoughts related to that down somewhere. However despite that it is completely wrong to state that my sense of exploration and yearning to tread towards avenues unknown has died down.

Though it is true that sometimes when one finds a vantage point around which basis to live a life is formed, renewed bubbles of imaginations and constant sense of deconstruction is sabotaged by a…

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I am a writer, musician, poet, photographer, communications specialist, Psy Warrior, computer guru, ad representative, painter, mechanic, collector, painter and a father, .
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