Science, publishing and writing style


Two examples of each today, and some ideas about outreach, power and sustainability:

1. Cambridge, UK,  home of Propagandum Towers and a university or two, every year hosts an excellent science festival. For two weeks thousands of people teaching and learning heavy-duty science willingly give their time to show young people some cool or interesting stuff. The tone is upbeat without being manic, inclusive without being condescending. Some sort of tipping point or critical mass is reached: families flock en masse to soberly purposeful and usually private labs/university departments simply to enjoy themselves. Along the way quite a few schoolchildren will no doubt find science subjects and careers somehow more real and possible. And the scientists who give their time get a chance to refresh their sense of vocation too.

The whole festival is clearly an example of good, sustainable two-way communication, drawing on and giving back a sense of collective…

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