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What is better: Daily blurbs resembling tantrums or a few well-written posts a month? Yes, a MONTH! Have you ever heard about this? Me neither. But recently I have come across a few blogs who highlight the importance of slow blogging. Slowblogging has evolved from the complete opposite of what most people understand under blogging nowadays. No diary entries, no excessive writing, no daily or even weekly updates.

No, slow blogging emphasizes how quality can exceed quantity when it comes to writing and maintaining readership. It involves rethinking your thoughts twice before submitting them through your online page. It involves letting your works sit for a while until the final proofreading and polishing. It also involves being absent from your blog for some time longer in order to come up with those high-quality posts.

Nowadays, I follow both slow bloggers and snowball bloggers. The latter name I cameā€¦

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