Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in 1921

The Genius,knowingly or unknowingly,draw upon certain habits to bring forth their magic.
Habits-that if we were to adopt,would alter the course of our very lives!

1.Rely on Intuition

The Genius always possess great self confidence and often rely upon their Intuition.
Intuition is,in many ways, a sixth sense,a gut feeling.
It is impossible to access the powers of Intuition by living too much in the head.
We have to start living with our hearts.
Some people are born with strong Intuition,while others can improve theirs through mindfulness,meditations or prayers.

2.Diary Writing

Most great genii have kept diaries.
Diaries ,where they wrote down their thoughts,emotions and imaginations.
Mozart did,so did Da Vinci,so did Swami Vivekananda,so did Gandhi,so did Ratan Tata,so does Sir Richard Branson.
Not only did they write diaries-they wrote letters!
Diary writing helps us clarify our minds of our purpose-it connects us with our inner selves.
It helps us…

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