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For years now, I have refused to make awareness that mandatory pinnacle called self. After all, I see awareness as only a portion of what I am. I, also,  no longer see awareness as, exclusively, in one or the other part of all it takes to make me. In keeping with Roberto Assagioli, a somewhat forgotten psychiatrist from decades past, I chose to see self, somewhat, as he did. So then, for me awareness arises out of the torrent of struggles and communions among those facets which make up this thing called self.

A quick blurb from on neuroscience made me aware, once again, of a marginal contradiction. Up front, I like the article, but even in the first sentence I found, “…not only does your brain handle such complex decisions for you, it also hides information from you about how those decisions are made…” with which I’m uncomfortable. My vexation over…

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