Humboldt County Animal Shelter

pitbull sitting with little boy vintage photoFor any of you Redditors out there this might be old news but we thought it was still important to share as much and as often as possible: pitbulls can be loving and gentle creatures and they used to be known as nanny dogs.  That’s right-nanny dogs. They have gotten a bad rap through their use in dogfighting and selective breeding for aggressive traits thanks to certain humans who view such barbarism as a form of entertainment.

Each and every animal must be properly assessed for their personality and temperament and each and every person should research any breeds before adoption; please put thought into pet ownership. These (slightly less) furry critters want responsible and loving humans.

Do you know pitbulls? Play: Find the Pit Bull

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p.p.s. Here’s what the ASPCA is doing to combat dogfighting:

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