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Is your blog missing something? Pictures maybe.

There are over 100 million blogs. How do you get noticed with that type of competition? You may have some ideal content. It is original and you are able to update at least once a week. You look at your … Continue reading

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What If? What If I Was A Songwriter?

I Blame “The Lumineers” “Ho Hey” This song has been running in my head. I heard it on a commercial. I needed to know who wrote it. Google search, YouTube link, Ok. I listen, I watch, I see the expressions … Continue reading

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Can Google Read Your Mind?

Soul searching, Joe Rogan, Flotation tanks, and The Borg. What do these things have in common? They are the results of a Google search. A little bit of a soul search As you may see, I am on a journey … Continue reading

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Hello World! Ok, Maybe Not The World Just WordPress World

This is a little hello to the people that click like on pages to gain attention to themselves. I have seen it for years. Do you actually like the article? Not sure. I do know that WordPress actually suggests doing … Continue reading

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My Addictive Personality

Addictions Not a good heading but we’ll go with that. Really, Chuck? You are going to post something in your blog again? I can never do anything in moderation. Once I become involved in something I must do it in … Continue reading

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My Blog My Gateway

Woke up in a fog I woke up today feeling a bit of brain fog. Some good coffee and breakfast should help. Here I am at my little blog. The one nobody knows about. The one that I think is … Continue reading

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Yesterday Is Just A Memory

Yesterday Yesterday is just another memory. Whatever happened in the past is in the past. The good, the bad, the ugly. Another wasted day perhaps. You can’t change the past. Only shape the future. What does the future hold for … Continue reading

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